T3 Featherweight Review

T3 Featherweight ReviewI shall start this T3 Featherweight Review by saying that while perhaps not quite as popular as the other models of blow dryer which T3 have available on Amazon this one certainly doesn’t do too badly at all with the customers. There have been a few small issues that some customers have had with this blow dryer but to be frank these issues aren’t that common and also the benefits greatly outweigh the small flaws. This will dry your hair quicker than nearly any other blow dryer for this price thanks to it’s unique tourmaline infused design. Read on for a full list of features and of course a complete review.





Key Features of the T3 Featherweight

I’ve managed to find quite a well made and informative video about the T3 Featherweight blow dryer. Any time I’m writing a review I try to find a video which provides a decent overview of it purely because I know some people like to sit back and watch a video to gain some base knowledge about a product whereas some others prefer to do the reading for themselves. There will of course be a full list of features followed by a complete review just below the video, but for now … enjoy;


Not the best video overview I’ve ever found for a product but it certainly does the job! Anyway, as promised above let’s now dive straight into my text-based list of features for this blow dryer;

  • Significantly Quicker Drying Time. Thanks to the clever design of the T3 Featherweight which includes high quality imported tourmaline gemstones this blow dryer can put out some serious heat which leads to an incredibly quick drying time. T3 says this blow dryer can dry your hair up to 60% faster than other brands.
  • Professional Finish. This huge increase in the speed at which the blow dryer can dry your hair of course means that you’ll be finished your drying and styling a lot quicker. You’ll avoid overdrying thanks to the earlier finishing time which means you’ll be left with smooth, shiny and healthy results … and who can complain about that?!
  • The Secret. The main secret to this blow dryers success lies in its unique design. Tourmaline is frequently referred to as the electric stone for its ability to emit ions and infrared heat … and T3 have patented a process by which they can infuse the highest quality tourmaline in the blow dryers components. This of course is what helps to produce the great results and quick drying times.
  • Easy to Clean Filter. This blow dryer has a built in filter which is thankfully very easy to clean (and indeed should be cleaned regularly). The filter is infused with tourmaline and customers have comments how easy it is to clean as compared to other blow dryers.

More Features of the T3 Featherweight

  • Adjustable Speed and Heat Settings. We all know that different styling methods require different temperatures and speeds at which these temperatures are delivered. T3 understand this and so have included 2 speed and heat settings which you can change at any time for the best results depending on how you’re styling your hair.
  • Professional Length Cord. There’s nothing more annoying than a cord not being able to use a blow dryer in front of your mirror because of something silly such as the cord being too short. However T3 have got you covered with their professional 9 foot long cord. Thanks T3!
  • Cool Shots. There’s a little button on the T3 Featherweight which blasts cold air instead of hot. This is great for locking style in place with a quick burst of cold air for a truly professional finish.
  • Light Weight. The weight of a blow dryer is important as if it’s very heavy then you won’t be able to easily position it to get the perfect angle for your styling. Thankfully weighing in at only 13 ounces the T3 Featherweight lives up to its name and indeed is  lighter than picking up a small bottle of water.
  • Warranty. With this blow dryer you get a two year manufacturer warranty. However, if you choose to buy from Amazon you’ll also be covered by their great customer polices and services.

A T3 Featherweight Review

I’ll start this T3 Featherweight Review by saying that while perhaps not quite as popular as other T3 models on Amazon, this blow dryer still does well with the customers on Amazon, the majority of which have rated it with 5-stars. However, there are some things to be aware of before you purchase this.

T3 Featherweight Review

The first and most obvious positive point to mention in this T3 Featherweight Review is the speed and quality at which this blow dryer operates. There’s not enough good things to be said by customers about just how quickly the T3 Featherweight gets its job done. Some customers have indeed said that it dries their hair twice as fast as other hair dryers which they’ve used which is amazing.

Not only it this probably one of the fastest blow dryers around today in this price range but it also does its job very well. Customers haven’t got enough good things to say about the quality of the hair styles which this blow dryer can produce. It makes for sleek and shiny results with no more fly-away strands. There are even a few customers who have said that they simply can’t control their hair while using any other blow dryer – that says a lot about the quality which the T3 Featherweight produces right there!

The next thing to mention in this T3 Featherweight Review is that this isn’t the most powerful blow dryer in their world. However, it makes up for this with its massive heat thanks to its unique and patented tourmaline infused design. To be honest, when a blow dryer has the ability to produce this much heat without leaving frizz or stray hairs then do you really need a little extra power? I don’t think so personally.

T3 Featherweight ReviewThere are a few nice small but very useful features which I really like about this blow dryer. For example, the professional 9 foot long cord is excellent and means you shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable trying to stretch to a mirror which is a nice little feature even if it is a bit peripheral. The other two small features which I like about this are firstly the cool shots which help to lock in your style and secondly just how light the T3 Featherweight really is make it so easy to get to those awkward angles for the perfect styling.

Unfortunately I must end this T3 Featherweight Review on somewhat of a negative point. That this that the lifespan of these blow dryers doesn’t seem to be that long. This is kind of an expensive blow dryer so this is a little disappointing. It a select few cases the motor seems to die after a few months – I’m not sure if these are simply faulty units. In any case no need to worry as Amazon covers you for a year with their policies and the manufacturer will cover you for two years.

Best Place to Purchase the T3 Featherweight

Without a question Amazon is the best place to purchase this blow dryer. Their truly fantastic customer service combined with their cheap shipping deals and frequent discount prices they just can’t be beat.

T3 Featherweight Review

Additional Information About the T3 Featherweight

  1. For further information, reviews, details on shipping and discounts click here.
  2. Official T3 Documentation.

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